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Business Coaching and Strategic Advice
for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Grow your business 10x faster with proven business coaching and strategic advice and support designed for entrepreneurs and CEOs.

At Cognition Global Concepts, you can grow your business ten times faster with our customized strategic business coaching program. We begin, first, by helping you to gain a deeper insight into your key growth areas over the next three years. Then, we help you articulate the most relevant actions you can focus on to accomplish them. Our framework gives you confidence and an absolute freedom to increase your revenue and be successful in every area of your business and life. That means, we not only help grow your profits, we also help you achieve a lifetime freedom and satisfaction.

With the increasing wave of uncertainty caused by technology and digital disruptions, we can help you think differently, challenge the status quo, and accelerate results with our executive coaching service.

We offer business coaching and strategic advice to help our clients and their teams create outstanding performances. We understand what it takes to build a portfolio of satisfied customers, who take your business to the next growth level. Our goal is to help you accelerate productivity and grow your business ten times faster than you worked alone.

Our specialization in four key areas

Business Growth Strategy

A comprehensive strategic business coaching program specifically for top-producing entrepreneurs and CEOs to accelerate profitability and lifetime growth.

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executive coaching, business coaching for entrepreneurs and ceos
Executive Coaching

A proven tool for leaders who make powerful decisions, develop self-awareness and consciously create sustainable results.

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Leadership and business growth strategy
Leadership Development Academy

Highly interactive masterclasses for developing high-performance leadership capabilities for greater results.

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business coaching for entrepreneurs and ceos, Strategic Growth Strategy, Business Coaching Program
Coach Training Accreditation

Become an Executive Coach with our structured coach training program. Discover the skills and tools you can use to support entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve greater results.

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Results You'll Expect from our Strategic Business and Executive Coaching Frameworks


The clarity to gain greater awareness of facts around you, and the capacity to identify the key priorities you can focus on with absolute discipline.


The Confidence to lead, make powerful decisions, execute the right strategies, and achieve bigger and better goals consistently.


The capacity to focus on key priorities, identify new opportunities, and take advantage of your Unique Strength to multiply revenue and growth.

Your Strategic Advantage.


Coaching hours completed


Satisfied customers

Success Stories

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