The Strategic Design™ Business Coaching Program for Top ProducersPowerful . Creative . Transforming

If you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a CEO in a service industry, the Strategic Business Coaching Program can help you to double productivity and generate higher profitability, so you can live a fulfilling quality of life.

The Strategic Design Group is a community of top producers who are committed to taking their business from one growth phase to a higher phase, year on year. 

How The Strategic Design™ Business Coaching Program Works

The Strategic Design™ group business coaching holds once every 90 days. As a member of the group, every 90 days is an opportunity for you to join other top producing business leaders from different service industries to strategize your vision, set new goals, develop new action plans, and create accountability partnership to execute your actions and achieve your biggest goals. 

Strategic Design Coaching Program is not a masterclass; you don’t just sit down and listen to the teacher. Because we believe that your success depends on it, we walk you through a number of powerful business growth concepts, strategies, and tools specifically designed for the Service Industry, to help you and your team to maximize your performance and multiply your profitability. So, at the end of each 90-day Program, you will leave with an absolute clarity and confidence about the actions that you will execute with your team before your next 90 days.

The Results You Can Expect

We believe that within three years of participating in the Strategic Design™ Business Coaching Program, you will have been able to:

  • Double your Profitability from what it was when you started the Program.
  • Dramatically increase your Free Time – the time with which you rejuvenate your brain, your body, and your soul, so you can become more creative.
  • Develop a structure that simplifies the complexities around your performance and result, both personally and professionally.
  • Develop proven leadership capability with increased confidence, decision-making capacity, self-awareness, and empathy.

In addition, your coach will show you how to maximize your relationships to take advantage of new opportunities, while sustaining existing ones. The uniqueness of the Strategic Design™ Business Coaching Program not only allows you to walk your talk, you get the opportunity to talk your walk also.

The Strategic Design™ Business Coaching Program Starts in January 2019

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

4 Strategic Business Coaching Workshops Per Year  

When you join the Strategic Design™  business coaching program, you automatically qualify for four life-changing business workshops per annum. Each workshop gives you the opportunity to strategically refocus your business, plan your actions, and exchange ideas with other community members.

In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to:

  • Work with an internationally accredited and experienced Coach,  entrepreneur, and strategic adviser having more than 950 successful coaching hours in business growth, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
  • Participate in game-changing, and life-transforming conversations in a community of future-focused, forward-thinking, top producing business leaders, who share ideas, lend support, and provide accountability.
  • Receive a binder of business concepts, strategic tools, techniques, and exercises that will focus your thinking, accelerate your marketing, strengthen your entrepreneurial culture, and keep you on track throughout.


Strategic Business Coaching Calls

  • One hour monthly call, designed to keep you and your team in focus, clear, and confident about your goals and progress.
  • Each Call focuses on one topic that will deepen your knowledge of what you’ve learned in the Program, and provides tools and support to help you implement the ideas in your business and life.

How to qualify for the Program


The basic criteria are:

  • You’re a CEO or an entrepreneur (business owner, professional service provider, or a high-commission salesperson) within the services industry.
  • You’ve earned a minimum net personal income of N10 million or $50,000 in the last tax year.
  • You’ve been managing your own business or another person’s business as CEO for not less than three years.


Clients who have the most success in the business coaching program are:

  • Coachable and open to new concepts and tools.
  • Committed to personal growth and transformation.
  • Ready to participate, learn, and share.
  • Understand that the Strategic Design™ Business Coaching Program is a process, not a quick fix.


The Strategic Business Coaching Program is offered at different qualifying income levels of N10 million – N20 million, and N20+ million; or $50,000 outside Nigeria.


Business leaders in the Strategic Business Coaching Program benefit greatly from being with a peer group that shares similar experiences and challenges.

We discovered that experience, challenges, resources, and confidence levels tend to shift at certain personal income thresholds. While the Strategic business coaching program material is the same at each level, the difference in the peer group tends to create a much different workshop experience for participants at each level.

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