Accredited Coach Training Program | Best Coaching Courses

Accredited Coach Training Program and Best Coaching Courses Masterclass

At CGC, our accredited coach training program is experiential, meaningful, and practical; and translates into a carryover to improve your workplace, practice, or both.

CGC's Best Coaching Courses

CGC offers the best coaching courses in Nigeria, that conform to international coaching standards. Our accredited coach training program provides the best experience and tools to become a coach. Our comprehensive coaching framework and concept prepares our students to coach from day one of starting their coaching courses.


Whether you want to study for a diploma in personal performance coaching to become a coach, or develop the skill to coach in the workplace as an Internal Coach, our accredited coach training program, and best coaching courses masterclasses can prepare you to reach your goal.


The CGC’s accreditated coach training program awards a coaching diploma upon completion. The diploma offers a competitive advantage for anyone desiring to become a coach. 


Designed for line managers and team leaders, The Teach2Coach™ is a corporate coaching program with up-to-date tools for coaching subordinates to maximize full potential in the workplace.


CGC accredited coach training program offers ongoing professional development including mentoring and supervision for accredited coaches who have completed their coaching courses.


Adult Learning Approach

An approach that allows for meaningful, experiential, and practical learning for adults. The benefit is that our students leave our coaching courses with the skill and confidence to coach immediately!

Flexible Learning

Designed to allow you to study while you work; so you can complete some aspects the programs at your own time, within the acceptable time frame. That way, you’re not under any form of pressure.

Professional Standards

CGC’s accredited coach training program underpins ICF’s core competencies, in addition to our own code of ethics for our students. These professional standards help our coaches to be the best they possibly can in the global coaching industry.

Knowledge + Tools

Gain access to tons of coaching tools, and techniques that improves your coaching effectiveness.  Plus, you develop personal knowledge and skill, including self-awareness, active listening, and the art of being present.