Teach2Coach™ - Corporate Coaching Program for Line Managers

Do you have a corporate coaching program that allows your line managers to ‘Tell’ their staff what to do, or ‘Coach’ them to maximize their own potential and productivity?

The Challenge

When a breakdown occurs in performance, it is often not because employees do not have good enough skill or experience. More often than we think, a breakdown in performance occurs when there is a disconnect between an employee and his or her natural potential. So, when it comes to creating high-performance results, one factor is critically essential, and that is potential.

Contrary to general opinions, nearly 95 percent of people working in an organization is qualified for the jobs they do. The inability of line managers to empower their staff to express full potential is often the reason why many staff do not fully maximize performance. When employees are not empowered to express their potential fully, they become stereotyped with psychological impairment, which often leads to fear, self-doubt, emotional distress, or low self-esteem. This leads to lack of productivity and growth. 

When it comes to creating high-performance results, one factor is critically essential, and that is expressing full potential.

Teach2Coach™ - Corporate Coaching Program Details

The Teach2Coach™ Corporate Coaching Program combines internationally recognized organizational coaching skills, tools, and core-competencies to develop line managers into becoming Internal Coaches, who transform others to maximize potential.

What you’ll learn includes:

  • The principles of workplace coaching
  • Coaching core competencies and their application
  • Advanced GROW model and its practical application
  • Powerful questioning techniques
  • Effective communication and active listening techniques
  • Techniques for giving constructive feedback

As a coaching on the job program, the Teach2Coach™ Corporate Coaching Program offers participants the opportunity to participate in a series of practical organizational coaching sessions to sharpen their skills and confidence. It also allows them to receive constructive feedback from our certified coaching instructor.

Unlike other training programs, the Teach2Coach™ corporate coaching program is hands-on, intensive, and highly interactive. As organizational coaching course, the program combines training, small group breakout, and lots of live coaching sessions that deepen the participant’s ability to transform their subordinates into high-performing talents.

Upon successful completion of the corporate coaching program, participants will have developed the capacity to:

  • Coach subordinates to overcome performance obstacles
  • Help staff to set goals, develop accountability, and execute actions with discipline
  • Apply the advanced GROW model in day-to-day coaching
  • Built a powerful questions toolkit
  • Develop active listening skill
  • Receive a certificate of attendance

In addition to the above, participants will be enrolled in our company’s 3 months free-of-charge corporate coaching mentorship program. This bonus program is designed to help answer the participant’s questions arising from coaching, allay their fears, and help overcome any obstacles they may encounter while coaching.

The Teach2Coach™  Corporate Coaching program is a 3-day masterclass designed for front-line managers, team leaders, and corporate executives who want to hone their leadership capability and be more productive through organizational coaching.

Ready to participate in our Corporate Coaching Program to accelerate your results?