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Executive Coaching Services

By what means can executive coaching services help in discovering your strengths and maximizing your full potential daily?


The Challenge

The biggest single challenge facing leaders in every business sector today is adjusting to the continually increasing complexity brought about by changes in technology, movement in international financial markets, government policies, and people; the key influencers of organizational performance.


Complexity makes leaders to…


a) experience greater confusion,

b) feel greatly isolated, and

c) be in danger of powerlessness


To be effective and successful, leaders need to reassess their present realities and make decisions about the changes they must implement to reach their visions.


A greater part of that decision includes developing a critical awareness of what it will take to anticipate a change in globally volatile and complex environments, how to respond to change, and learn from the experience.


In our experience, complexity leaves a great majority of leaders helpless, hence the need for executive coaching services.

The Solution


CGC’s executive coaching services help leaders to overcome one of the debilitating side-effects of major change – fear and uncertainty. As a result, our executive coaching programs give leaders Clarity, Confidence, and the Capability to envision the future with a greater sense of positiveness and strength.


Adopting the CGC’s executive coaching framework therefore helps leaders to transform their confusion into clarity, transform isolation into confidence, and translate powerlessness into capability, so they can become the best leaders they possibly can, and accomplish greater results.


1. Confusion transformed into Clarity

Means, gaining greater awareness of all relevant information and facts around them. Also, it is determining what’s most important, both personally and professionally, and focusing on them. 


2. Isolation transforms into Confidence

Over several years of coaching executives, we learned that confidence increases when leaders see the path to their future with clarity. It gives a feeling of personal direction, eliminates isolation, and connects him or her to the future they seek.


3. Powerlessness translates into Capability

A capability is a natural strength or competence to execute an action on important priorities. This occurs naturally in our executive coaching services from the double effect of improved clarity and confidence (1 and 2 above). It is the “Aha moment,” where the CGC’s executive coaching programs get the leader to the point where he or she sees themselves as capable to make change happen.

Executive Coaching Services Detail

We coach leaders and executives who are passionate to change. Those who understood that making that commitment would transform their lives and career, and make them better role models for their organizations.

CGC executive coaching programs recognize the client as the expert in their lives as well as career. This coaching philosophy conforms with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


We focus primarily in facilitating the client to overcome their obstacles, improve performance, and achieve their goals. Our executive coaching services engagement normally takes between 6 to 12 months, with one regular coaching session per month.


During that period, we work together to clarify your direction, set compelling new goals, create new strategies or possible options, develop accountability partnerships for achieving your goals, and drive disciplined execution to see the results you seek. We also challenge our clients to take the actions they say they will; but don’t worry, we will always obtain your permission to do that.


Prior to our executive coaching engagement, we will agree on the key results that you want to achieve, and determine how to measure the outcomes when accomplished.


During our coaching work together, you will be able to develop a plan of the important actions you must take every 30 days prior to your next coaching session. As your executive coach and ‘Trusted Partner,’ we will provide you with constructive feedback, and hold you responsible to execute your plan and achieve your goal.


Depending on the results you seek, we may obtain your permission to involve other key stakeholders within your organization, who would support you to fully maximize your executive coaching objective. Again, don’t worry; we will obtain your permission to do that also if the need arises.


The CGC’s executive Coaching services can be stretching, sometimes, but our clients say that the results they get from it are usually worth the investment, journey, and experience.

The CGC’s executive coaching programs will help you to:

  • Gain vivid clarity to lead and effectively execute key actions.
  • Improve your confidence to make more powerful decisions.
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence and nimbleness to your leadership and organizational trends.
  • Improve your capacity to engage, mobilize, and maximize your teams’ performances.
  • Gain access to a ‘Trusted Partner’ – someone you can share insights with, and receive an honest and unbiased feedback from.

Typical Executive Coaching Services Issues

i)     Behavioural improvement

ii)    Self-management improvement

ii)    Effective leadership

iii)   Making powerful decisions

iv)   Improving strategy and strategic implementation

v)    Optimizing processes

vi)   Resolving conflicts

vii)  Improving communication and presentation

viii) Integrating successful transitions

ix)   Optimizing work-life integration

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

CGC Executive Coaching Services

A powerful tool for addressing the issues limiting leaders’ performances, so they can become more effective, and more successful leaders.

Driven by Measurable Results


Some people are of the opinion that the impact of coaching cannot be measured. That is not right.


At Cognition Global Concepts, we can work with you to determine “What good looks like” upfront. That way, we are able to clarify your expectations and agree on how you can recognize them when you achieve them. 


Apart from our Client’s Success Stories, our coaching diagnostic tool can show your return on your investment (ROI) from coaching in both quantitative and qualitative terms.



Why Our Clients Choose Us


1. A track record of assisting experienced CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, and high-performance managers and leaders across the globe to reach their goals.

2. More than 950 practical coaching hours achieved.

3. 7+ years of practical business and leadership coaching experience.

4. A supportive, challenging, and results-focused approach.

5. 100% customer satisfaction achieved.

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