High-Performance Leadership Development

Is your organization consciously developing high-performance leadership teams who drive superior results for your business?

The Challenge

Is your leadership team contributing their highest capability daily?


Do your managers behave in ways that create and sustain high-performance? For example, do you engage to create transparency and trust? Do your managers have clarity on the direction your organization is headed? Are your people aware of what they should do daily to reach your corporate vision? Do you hold yourselves accountable personally and collectively for your actions, and respect each other’s values and contributions?


Developing a high-performance leadership in a volatile environment can be challenging because high-performance leaders focus on the bigger impacts. They engage in ways that foster honesty, transparency, and trust. They lead with their hearts and souls, thereby enabling their people to feel connected, valued, and inspired to add greater value.

The Solution

CGC High-Performance Leadership Program

CGC’s high-performance leadership program masterclasses were built following an extensive study of what it takes to create and sustain high-performance leadership in organizations. Each masterclass offers unique concepts and tools for developing leaders who drive change, inspire greatness, and produce real results.


Our program modules are information-intensive and 100% customizable to accomplish our clients’ specific learning outcomes.

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Leadership and business growth strategy
Executive Coaching

A comprehensive framework that helps leaders to develop self-awareness, take ownership of key decisions, and maximize potential.

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Leading high-performance teams
Leading High-Performance Teams

Leading high-performance teams masterclass offers concepts and tools to engage, build trust, and inspire teams to maximize results.

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Developing leadership capability, leadership development
Developing Leadership Capability

Developing Leadership Capability masterclass teaches the foundational behaviours and traits for becoming a leader who others will follow willingly.

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Corporate coaching
Teach2Coach™ - Corporate Coaching Program

Teach2Coach™ corporate coaching program transforms line managers into coaching their subordinates to maximize full potential.

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creating a winning culture
Creating a Winning Culture

Enabling organizations with concepts for creating safe environments that value their people’s diversity and contributions.

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coaching, engagement, mobilization
Strategic Leadership Masterclass

For senior executives who want to develop a sound knowledge of the dynamics of influencing key decisions, identify areas of change, and drive growth.

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Does your organization consciously develop leaders, who drive change and high-performance results?

Our Approach

Our high performance leadership program modules are practical. Each module features ‘real-plays,’ case studies, and ‘live’ applications that enable participants to brainstorm, challenge old assumptions, and gain clarity on key strategic objectives. 

This approach makes room for a maximum carryover of concepts into the delegates’ organizations to improve their knowledge, experience, skill, and performance.


Over the past 8 years, many of our clients have trusted us to build specific high-performance leadership programs that meet their organizations’ learning needs.

Want to discuss your high-performance leadership needs, or redesign your corporate leadership development program?

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