Leading High-Performance Teams

Leading high-performance teams masterclass provides a comprehensive concept and tool to motivate, engage, and mobilize the best talent to deliver superior results consistently?

The Challenge

The ultimate test of any great team is results. A group of people working together as a team can accomplish much more than an assembly of mere individuals. Notwithstanding, a dysfunction can hinder result in any team, at any time, for lack of coherent leadership.


Great teams can lose their strength and capacity to deliver superior results where lack of trust, conflicts, commitment, accountability, and results exist.

The Solution

Leading high-performance team masterclass is designed to help team leaders take fundamental steps towards creating cohesiveness in their teams.


It aims to help participants explore the dynamics, structure, and key concepts of leading high-performance teams who create superior results.


The module reviews the key dysfunctions that could hinder high-performance and discuss strategies to overcome them.

Great teams do not hold back with one another

Leading High-Performance Teams Details

In the leading high-performance teams masterclass, you’ll learn:


Team Performance Equation

  • The dynamics of a great team
  • Evaluation of team leadership and communication styles
  • Team coaching – The GROW model


Team leadership

  • Creating a healthy team environment
  • Exploring team vulnerability


Team Effectiveness

  • Overcoming team dysfunctions
  • Managing diversity and cultural differences


Participants in the Leading high-performance team masterclass will go away with a better understanding of creating high-performance teams.


In addition, participants will get go away with tools and techniques to practice high-performance team coaching.


Others include:

  • The ability to set clear goals and communicate effectively
  • Understanding of the application of GROW model in coaching
  • How to unlock team’s creative potential
  • Well researched course content on leading high-performance teams
  • Access to our team of leadership experts to answer your questions via email, post-workshop
  • A Certificate of attendance

The leading high-potential teams course is designed primarily for individuals who are managing teams. These include but not limited to line managers, team leaders, and project managers.

The program is ideal also for leading high-performance teams in both private and public sector organizations.



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