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Become an Accredited Executive Coach

Whether you want to become an executive coach, leadership coach, or develop the capability to coach in the corporate world, our accredited coaching diploma in Executive Coaching will prepare you adequately for the journey. This masterclass offers the skills and tools, in addition to globally recognized coaching core competencies and models to help you make lasting positive changes on individuals and businesses across the world.

Led by Nkem Mpamah, a United Kingdom professionally accredited coach with more than 950 coaching hours of added value to senior executives across the UK, US, Germany, Australia, India, and Nigeria. Nkem brings a depth of practical experience and dynamic approach and tools that propel our students to start coaching with confidence from day one in the class.

Upon the successful completion of your CGC Accredited Coaching training, you will be awarded a diploma, which enables you to practice as an executive coach and help others to make a lasting positive difference.

Benefits of the Personal Performance Diploma

Skill & Confidence

Improved skill, confidence, and capability to coach people of different backgrounds and culture to achieve any goals they may have.

Tools & Techniques

Hundreds of tools, strategies, and techniques that you can apply immediately to help move your client one step forward from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Personal Transformation

Develop increased self-awareness, active listening, and empathy; all of which are essential behaviours for thriving in your coaching career.

A Global Competence

Our accredited coaching diploma in Personal Performance Coaching gives you a deeper understanding, perspective, and framework to operate successfully in the global coaching profession.

Some of What You'll Get

The Advanced GROW Model

You will learn and understand the power of advanced GROW model and how you can apply it to any situation, in any niche, to assist others to reach where they’re going, faster.

Powering The Coaching Relationship

Establishing thriving personal and professional relationships is the foundation of effective Coaching. You will learn how to power your coaching relationship.

Starting Your Own Coaching Business?

The coaching industry recorded a $2.3 billion revenue in 2015. If you are considering to venture into the industry, we will give you every information and tips to get you started. 

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