Business Growth Network (BGN) is a community of CEOs and entrepreneurs that gives you the tools and support to strategize the future of your business. Our strategic business coaching sessions empower you to rethink your perspectives and determine the most crucial steps to achieve your biggest goals, one strategy at a time.

Business Growth Network:
Where Strategic Business Coaching transforms your performance & growth

Our Business Growth Network propels CEOs and experienced entrepreneurs to refocus their vision, generate higher revenues, and live an exceptional quality of life. Every session offers the opportunity to create a blueprint of actions that you and your team can execute over the next 90 days. The Simplicity you gain makes it incredibly possible for you to accomplish bigger and better goals, both personally and professionally.


Each strategic business coaching workshop begins with strategizing your most important business challenges and ends with creating a set of specific action plans. The Program gives you greater Clarity, Confidence, and Capability to grow your business faster with proven techniques and support.

Business Growth Network: Business Coaching Success Stories

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Nkem is the best at what he does. He helped me put my business ideas into perspective, and today, I have my own business. Nkem is very knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy.

Carol Ibe
Founder/CEO, JR Biotek, USA

strategic business coaching program, Senior executive network, Business growth strategy, coaching

Every business should have a “NkemMpamah” in their business arsenal! His friendly, personable approach to helping you mindmap your business visions, aspirations and skills-set is second to none.

Lee Tilbury
Creative Director,
Bluemarks Creative Studio, Cambridge UK

strategic Business coaching program, senior executive network, Business growth strategy, leadership development

Nkem has demonstrated he is innovative, entrepreneurial, intelligent, analytical, and empathetic.

Martin Kaonga, Ph.D.
Cambridge Centre for Environment, Cambridge UK

strategic Business growth coaching

The biggest impact Nkem’s coaching has made on me is the accountability he has given me. I desperately needed some ‘real world deadlines’ to grow my business and his coaching sessions provided that for me.

Charlotta Baath
Amateur Online Entrepreneur, Germany

Your Strategic Business Coaching Advantage.

The Business Growth Network's Strategic Business Coaching Program

Discover the unique concepts, tools, and structure to transform your thinking and grow your business faster, one strategy at a time.


The strategic business coaching program is not a masterclass; you don’t just sit and listen to the teacher. It is a highly interactive and engaging session where business leaders tell the truth about where they want their businesses to be three years from today. Each session focuses your thinking on the exact future you seek, and the results are phenomenal! 


Business Growth Network is a community of high-producing entrepreneurs and CEOs who are going in the same direction for the same purpose – growth!