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Nkem has demonstrated he is innovative, entrepreneurial, intelligent, analytical, and empathetic.

strategic Business coaching program, senior executive network, Business growth strategy, leadership development
Martin Kaonga, PhD.
Founder/ED, Cambridge Centre for Environment, Cambridge UK

Every business should have a “NkemMpamah” in their business arsenal! His friendly, personable approach to helping you mindmap your business visions, aspirations and skills-set is second to none.

strategic business coaching program, Senior executive network, Business growth strategy, coaching
Lee Tilbury
Creative Director, Bluemarks Creative Studio, Cambridge UK

Nkem is the best at what he does. He helped me put my business ideas into perspective, and today, I have my own business. Nkem is very knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy.

Strategic Business coaching, Senior Executive Network, business growth strategy, Strategic Design Alliance
Carol Ibe
Founder/CEO, JR Biotek, USA

“The biggest impact Nkem’s coaching has made on me is the accountability he has given me. I desperately needed some ‘real world deadlines’ when starting up my business and his coaching sessions provided that for me.

strategic Business growth coaching
Charlotta Baath
Owner, Amateur Online Entrepreneur, Germany

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