At Cognition Global Concepts, we work with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and their teams across the globe to improve performance, drive competitiveness, and maximize profit. Our business coaching programs, leadership development, and strategic advisory tools focus on accelerating growth in every area of business and life.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Since 2010, our clients – entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior corporate executives have continued sharing inspiring experiences of working with Cognition Global Concepts. Every story is unique, but with a common theme: Result! Excellent results, extraordinary results, and sometimes, transforming results.

Are You a 10X Entrepreneur?
Do you have the strategy, structure, and capability
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Our Programs

At Cognition Global Concepts, we design our programs to address the key challenges facing organizations presently. For example, our 10X Club Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs helps entrepreneurs grow revenues 10 times. Strategic Leadership Workshops equip leaders with the capability to effect positive change. With our Strategic Planning and  Advisory Retreat, we help you create strategies that address your future possibilities and growth.

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The 10X Club™ Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

The 10X Business Club™ is a comprehensive business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business 10 times bigger. The system unlocks your potential to dream big, think big, and strategize to accomplish your biggest goals consistently.

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Leadership Essentials Workshop™

The Leadership Essentials workshop offers insights, tools, and concepts to overcome complexity and deliver an unprecedented change in the organization. You’ll learn about the four fundamental factors that are predictive of success in any organization and how to apply them.

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Strategic Planning and Advisory Retreat with Nkem Mpamah

Gain access to the founder of Cognition Global Concepts and creator of 10X business Club™, Nkem Mpamah’s wisdom and fast-track your progress. Our strategic planning retreat and advisory service support business leaders to rethink their organization’s future.

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Download The 10X Business Club Program Starter Kit

Get your free copy of the 10X Business Club Program Starter Kit today. The Starter Kit contains detailed information about how the 10X Business Coaching Program can transform your business and life. Also, you will learn how you can get started with the Program immediately!

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Read our Featured News and Insights

  • How to Overcome Your Obstacles and Grow Your Business Bigger

    5 MINS READ To overcome your obstacles and grow your business bigger and better is not an easy task. Not only do you require a considerable amount of commitment, but growing a business to the next level also isolates entrepreneurs from things they love. The reason is simple. The moment you decide to grow your business to the next level, all obstacles break loose. To succeed, therefore, you need to figure out how to overcome your obstacles and stimulate your progress.

    April 15, 2019
  • Professional Services Marketing: 3 strategies to grow professional service

    4 MINS READ Service entrepreneurs tend to focus too much on the creation of services than they strive to learn about the marketing of professional services. Consequently, they create great products that fail to generate enough revenue to grow the business. While it is okay to create great service products, it is important also, to understand the techniques for marketing professional services.

    April 3, 2019
  • Leadership and Office Conflicts: Understanding The Way Out

    6 MINS READ Leadership and office conflicts are two intimate companions that can promote or bring a leader to the ground. Like identical twins; leadership and office conflicts are inseparable; you cannot avoid office conflicts in leadership. If you avoid it today, you will certainly not escape it tomorrow. Like cancer, the more a leader fails to deal with conflicts, the more it spreads and recks havoc in the team.

    March 26, 2019
  • Highly effective leaders speak last, Find out why you need to do so

    3 MINS READ One of the very tragedies of leadership in our time is the idea that “What we do does not matter.” In fact, what we do; what we say every day, and how we say it matters a lot. All too often, we get a chance to put our leadership competence to test through involvement in meetings and engagement with other people. In the process, many individuals commit the greatest leadership sin of speaking before thinking; in my opinion.

    March 25, 2019
  • How to Create a Marketing Message for your Professional Services

    5 MINS READ If you are reading this post, odds are you are a financial services entrepreneur or CEO – financial planner, consultant, independent salesperson, coach, etc, struggling to grow your business. Why not? Because study shows that many professional service providers lack to competence to communicate their marketing message (Value propositions) with clarity. This post will show you how to create and communicate value propositions that demand interest and attention from prospects.

    October 27, 2018


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