At Cognition Global Concepts, we coach entrepreneurs, CEOs, and teams to improve performance, generate more revenue, and drive competitiveness. Our business coaching conepts, leadership and strategic advisory tools can transform growth in every area of your business and life.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Since 2010, our clients have been sharing inspiring stories about how our business coaching and strategy concepts transform their results. Every success story is unique, but with a common theme: Result! In most cases, it has been excellent result, extraordinary result, or transforming result.

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Our Programs

Our business coaching and strategy program addresses the key business challenges that stop entrepreneurs and CEOs from growing. Whether you want to fast track your performance with our  Strategic Growth™ –  Business Coaching and Strategy concepts and tools, develop improved leadership capability for you and your team, or articulate the right strategy to accelerate growth; we can help.

We are driven by our mission of helping you to create and sustain purposeful growth, through effective application of our business coaching and strategy concepts and tools. It begins with gaining absolute clarity about the choices you make with your team. Then, we help you to regain control of your time, which often results in getting you focused on what you love that bring the most income to you and your business.

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The Growth Syndicate™ Program

The Strategic Business Coaching™ for entrepreneurs is Comprehensive, Powerful, and Transformational. The Program is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business 10 times bigger and better. 10X Coaching system unlocks your potential to dream bigger, think bigger, and strategize the biggest vision of your ennobling future.

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Leadership Essentials™ Workshop

Leadership Essentials™ Workshop offers insights and tools that help overcome complexities associated with leadership. You’ll learn the four principles that are predictive of success in your organization. You will also learn how you and your team can apply them to meet your organization’s objectives.

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Strategic Planning and Advisory with Nkem Mpamah

Fast-track your progress with access to the founder of Cognition Global Concepts and creator of 10X Business Coaching™ Program, Nkem Mpamah’s wisdom and experience. The Strategic Planning and Advisory service support businesses and leaders to rethink their organization’s strategies and growth.

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Download The 10X Business Coaching™ Program Starter Kit

Get the free copy of Growth Syndicate™ Program Starter Kit today. Inside the kit, you will learn about how your can transform your business and life with our signature Business Coaching and Strategy Program. Also, you will discover how you can get started with the Program immediately!

Read our Featured News and Insights

  • 3 Competitive Strategies for Growth in 2020 and Beyond

    3 MINS READ In more than 5 decades, companies have relied on the traditional five-year planning, business analysis, and execution of plans to predict competition. But, in 2020 and beyond, three competitive strategies will change how businesses will compete and win. Discover the three new imperatives here.

    October 5, 2019
  • Strategy for Entrepreneurs to Grow Your Business to the Next Level

    4 MINS READ As an entrepreneur, you grow your business and life to the next level only by constantly adding value to the marketplace, and solving other people’s problems. This is a popular strategy for successful entrepreneurs that you can use to grow your business to the next level. But, there is problem. As many entrepreneurs solve more problems and achieve growth, a time comes when all of their efforts to grow becomes counter-product. When they hit that limit, further growth becomes impossible and they get frozen, no matter how hard you tried. When that happens, what would you do?

    September 24, 2019
  • Why Understanding the Customer Leads to Business Growth

    4 MINS READ The assumption that every business understands their customer is one biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make in a hurry. You cannot add value if you know your target market without understanding the job your customer is trying to accomplish. Here’s why…

    August 26, 2019
  • The One Thing Every Entrepreneur Should Do to Accelerate Growth

    4 MINS READ When it comes to implementing business growth strategies, most entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things. While investing in strategies to accelerate growth is crucial, entrepreneurs must ensure that such strategies contribute to their value propositions. Business strategies can be meaningless if they do not align with, and support your value propositions.

    August 10, 2019
  • 3 Perspectives on Good Leadership and a Good Leader

    4 MINS READ The essence of good leadership is not only in the change and results that leaders create. Instead, the positive impacts a good leader makes on how his or her followers think or behave is crucial. A good leader does not make a sustainable change in isolation. The ability to demonstrate clarity of purpose and honesty, and the commitment to care for the people he or she leads define the essence of good leadership.

    July 13, 2019
  • Two Entrepreneurial Decisions that Set Successful Entrepreneurs Apart

    3 MINS READ The first time an individual decides to become an entrepreneur, he or she signs up, consciously or unconsciously, to taking responsibility for his or her own economic security. The decision transforms how the entrepreneurs think, where they go, and what they do. In my experience, entrepreneurs whose thoughts and actions are deliberate and in cooperation with their entrepreneurial decisions perform better than their counterparts.

    July 12, 2019


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