Cognition Global Concepts

Our work is driven by: research, real-life experience, and passion!


Since commencing operations in 2010, at Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cognition Global Concepts have continued working with high-producing CEOs, directors, entrepreneurs, and high-potential teams. We help our clients in public and private sector organizations to rethink their leadership behaviours, develop improved capability, focus on the right things and produce more superior results.

In line with our mission, we are committed to providing up-to-date content, thought leadership, and training that address today’s marketplace challenges, and improve competitiveness. We have the capabilities, skills, and experience to deliver the world-class solutions you need for your next growth phase.

Every concept we put forward, every insight we share, and every knowledge we disseminate is based on extensive research from impeccable world-class sources, plus real-life experience of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the trenches with some of the best industry leaders from different sectors of the world. We deliver our sessions with simplicity and passion and offer practical tools that you and your team can apply over the time to maximize your results.

As a matter of policy; we do not sell any off-the-shelve, ‘Cut & Past’ programs! We build our classes very carefully to meet the specific learning needs that align with the ethos of our client’s organizations.

We have the capability, skill, and experience to deliver world-class solutions that can take you to your next growth phase.

Our Fundamental Beliefs

Our attitude toward business is deeply rooted in three cardinal points:


  • CREDIBILITY:  We believe that credibility is the hallmark of business, leadership, and life, and so is our relationship with our clients. You can trust us; we are Credible!


  • SUPERIOR CUSTOMER FOCUS:  Since 2010, about 90 percent of our revenue comes from satisfied repeat clients. That means, our clients trust us and do business with us, not only because we meet and exceed their expectations, treat them as ourselves, also.


  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT:  As entrepreneurs, ourselves, we strive towards a future with lots of possibilities, both for us, and our clients. That means; failure is not an option that we consider.

How We Work

Our approach is collaborative and result oriented! Focusing on our clients’ Core Ideology, we work continuously to design goals that define your expected future growth and figure out how to accomplish them.

Why We Are Different

  • 100% research content; no “Cut & Past” stuff
  • Real life experience
  • Passion + simplicity
  • Results-focused concepts customized for your need.
  • Measurable return on investment

How Can We Help You?

If you want to improve your performance, increase your competitiveness and maximize profitability, we can help.

Looking for a Result-Focused Business Coach, Leadership and Strategy Consultant?