Cognition Global Concepts

Everything we do is driven by a core ideology of creating purposeful growth!


Since 2010, Cognition Global Concepts has been supporting successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and entrepreneurial teams to accelerate growth in every area of business and life. With a proven and comprehensive business coaching support system and tool, our clients experience continuous growth in performance and revenue.

Our growth concept focuses on five fundamental pillars – Value Propositions, People, StrategyRelationships, and disciplined Execution. We caliberate this concept to contribute to our clients’ success, and help them create sustainable growth year after year.

We do not sell off-the-shelve or ‘Cut & Past’ programs! The CGC coaching and strategy process is designed to address our client’s specific challenge. Our workshops and masterclasses are tailored  to meet the key learning needs that align with your core ideology. As a result, our clients experience tremendous transformations faster.

Our coaching concepts, tools and strategies address our client’s key growth challenges, as a result, they experience tremendous transformations faster.

Our Core Ideology

Our beliefs about everything we do is driven by a set of Core Ideology as follows:

Our Core Values
  • Superior service to the client above everything else
  • A dedicated team that understands our clients’ needs and meet them
  • Continuous improvement in ourselves and our services
  • Honesty and fairness in our dealings
  • Respect for whom we are and the capabilities we bring to the table
Our Core Purpose

To contribute to our client’s success by helping them create a purposeful and sustainable growth in every areas of business and life.

How We Work

Our approach is collaborative and result oriented! Focusing on our clients’ Core Ideology, we work continuously to design goals that define your expected future growth and figure out how to accomplish them.

Why We Are Different

  • 100% research content; no “Cut & Past” stuff
  • Real life experience
  • Passion + simplicity
  • Results-focused concepts customized for your need.
  • Measurable return on investment

How Can We Help You?

If you want to improve your performance, increase your competitiveness and maximize profitability, we can help.

Looking for a Result-Focused Business Coach, Leadership and Strategy Consultant?