How to Overcome Your Obstacles and Grow Your Business Bigger


To overcome your obstacles and grow your business bigger and better is not an easy task. Not only do you require a considerable amount of commitment to accomplish, but growing a business to the next level also isolates entrepreneurs from things they love. The reason is simple. The moment you decide to grow your business to the next level, all obstacles break loose. To succeed, therefore, you need to figure out how to overcome your obstacles and stimulate your progress. From my experience of coaching entrepreneurs, a great majority of entrepreneurs will do anything to avoid obstacles. Why not? By its name, obstacles sound negative; yet, they are the raw materials every entrepreneur need to enter into the next growth phase.

Four steps to grow your business bigger

To grow your business from one phase to another, four critical stages – Vision, Obstacles, Strategy, and Execution (VOSE) are involved. The VOSE process is activated each time we are on a mission to accomplish greatness. Whether you want to grow your business, career, or life, you will certainly go through them. So, understanding the process will transform your thinking, and alter how you make and act on your decisions. The VOSE transformation process is critical for growth. It is supportive of entrepreneurs who want to keep growing bigger and better.

For successful entrepreneurs, it is not acceptable to pack up your baggages each time your business encounter an obstacle. You need to take a step further to understand why your decisions and actions did not produce your expected outcomes. Often times, we encounter obstacles after having a vision and setting goals to reach a new future. That is normal because obstacles play important roles in our entrepreneurial growth. They are the bridges we must climb to reach bigger and better future. Let me explain in greater detail with the VOSE System.

Create a Vivid Vision

Every entrepreneurial accomplishment begins with a clear vision. It is the desired future that every entrepreneur aspires to reach. You are at liberty to make your vision as clear, big, and beautiful, as you want. Regardless of how overused the term, vision, has become, its meaning is still relevant in every entrepreneurial pursuit. First of all, who you are and where your business is today is a function of your past vision. Where you will be twelve months from today will certainly be about how you visualize your next 12 months. Therefore the visioning process is the successful entrepreneur’s “breakfast” and “dinner” for driving business growth.

Sometimes, many entrepreneur measure themselves their business on the basis of past accomplishments. That is great! But, your past accomplishments will seldom create the motivation you need to grow your business into the future. Instead, envisioning your ideal future from where you are today will produce the energy you need to reach the future. Also, your vision will give you a more accurate measurement of who you are, because it raises your awareness to everything you will need to create that bigger future that you do not have presently.

Define your Obstacles

By the sound of it, obstacles are negative. As a result, many people do not like to talk about them. If you are like some people, you probably grew up with the same mentality. But in entrepreneurship, you need to figure out better ways to overcome your obstacles continuously. Why not? Because obstacles are the raw materials you need to grow your business to the next level. Here is the thing; the moment you create a vision of where you want your business to be, say three years from today, obstacles will show up naturally. And every obstacle is unique to the type of future an entrepreneur envisions.

At the 10X Business Club™ Program, obstacles are defined as the gaps between where our entrepreneurs are in the present, and the future they seek. So, in reality; obstacles can be different kettle of fish to different entrepreneurs. For example; they could be the missing links – the capability we need to develop, or relationships to be created. They could also mean the time we need to focus on our money-making activities that we do not have presently. With such a shift in mindset, our 10X Business Club™ entrepreneurs are quick to identify the specific changes they must make to constantly transform their businesses.

Strategize your Obstacles

To overcome your obstacles and grow your business consistently requires an understanding of the link between your goals and the obstacles that show up as a result. That is important because goals breed obstacles. In fact, without goals, entrepreneurs have no obstacles to overcome. But not every entrepreneur set goals, therefore, not many understand the link between goals and obstacles. Nevertheless, goals are the fundamental building blocks for transforming and growing any business. The moment you set goals, you invariably create obstacles that will prevent you from accomplishing the goals. Each obstacle contains important information you must work on, in order to achieve your goal and grow your business. And until you pay attention to what each of the obstacles says, you might not achieve your goal. As a matter of fact, you cannot accomplish your goal until you first overcome your obstacles.

To strategize and overcome obstacles requires strategic thinking. In fact, doing so takes a discipline, but you can learn strategic thinking skill. It also takes courage and commitment because you are confronting what is standing between you and a bigger and better future. First of all, you must identify the options that have the potential to create the actions that will produce the results you are seeking. Then, you will prioritize the options in their order of importance. What you have now is have a blueprint of prioritized actions that can help overcome your obstacles if you implement them. You can call that a strategic plan or an action plan; what is important is that they must address your obstacles when you execute them.

Execute with Discipline

In my 10 years of coaching entrepreneurs to achieve multiple levels of growth in performance, productivity, and profit; disciplined execution is the one thing I know that creates results. Talk is cheap, right? You can dream and talk about how great you want to grow your business. But, until you roll up your sleeves, confront your obstacles, and execute the right actions, nothing will change. Although we measure growth by metrics and changes in productivity, revenue, and profitability; the greatest entrepreneurial growth occurs within. Such growth reflects our leadership capability, which we often express in our actions. Not only does our ability to execute the right strategies create our goals, but they also make us better individuals with enhanced capability.

Execution brings reality into our goals and concretizes our entrepreneurial transformations and growth. Disciplined execution begins with seeing a bigger future, identifying with obstacles in the way, strategizing the obstacles, and taking action to create the future. Although the process sounds easy, it is not so in practice. My experience is that people often find the first three – vision, obstacles, and strategy somewhat easy. Disciplined execution is the hardest of all because it creates results, and sadly, results come last. Before you can the results you seek in your business, all your actions have become history. To constantly overcome your obstacles and grow your business, therefore, requires patience and trust in the VOSE process. It requires having faith that the actions you take today will produce the results you expect; that is commitment.

The VOSE transformation system is simple and powerful. First of all, it takes you through the visualization of a bigger and better future. Then, you define the obstacles in the way, strategize the obstacles with goals and plan of actions, and execute your plan with discipline.

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Author: Nkem Mpamah
Nkem Mpamah is Nigeria's #1 business coach, leadership, and strategy consultant for the services industry. Nkem coaches successful entrepreneurs to improve performance, increase competitiveness, and expand their entrepreneurial freedoms. He is the founder of Cognition Global Concepts, and creator of the Growth Syndicate Program." Nkem is author of "The ART of Achievement and Fulfillment", and "The Entrepreneur".

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