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Strategic Leadership and Business Execution Workshop

To solve business problems and make the right change, leaders need to see their world differently with fresh insights and perspective. Strategic leadership and business execution share insights on strategic thinking and ability for leaders to interpret the future and execute the right strategy to influence change.

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Strategic Thinking Workshop for Business Leaders

The strategic thinking workshop empowers participants with the tools to unlock value and position organizations more competitively. They will learn to create long-term goals, develop robust strategic plans, influence teams to make relevant changes and achieve greater results.

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Strategic Planning Retreat and Advisory Service

The CGC Strategic Planning Retreat and Advisory service is a comprehensive support system for businesses to create strategies that address immediate business needs. The service focuses on creating robust plans having a far-reaching effect on the competitiveness of business.

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Developing Leadership Capability Workshop

According to Hay Group (2011), leaders of the future will need to be competent and have integrity. They must be able to lead diverse teams to achieve common goals. The Developing Leadership Capability workshop offers the skills to become that leader whom others will follow willingly.

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Leading High Performance Teams Workshop | Team Dynamics

Leading High-Performance Teams Workshop offers the skills and tools to eliminate team dysfunctions. It shares insights on the several obstacles that hinder high-performance in organizations and offers a proven step-by-step approach to overcome the obstacle.

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Leadership Essentials Workshop | Fundamental Leadership Success Factors

The leadership essential workshop creates deeper insights on the four fundamental factors that are predictive of success in any organization. Participants discover how to bring their personal core values in alignment with the vision, goals, and objectives of their organizations.

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Teach2Coach Coach Training | Workplace Coach Training for Managers

Teach2Coach™ Coach Training Program equips managers with the prerequisite skills and capability to coach effectively and succeeds in the workplace. The Teach2Coach™ coach training module incorporates the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core coaching competencies to enhance the participants’ coaching effectiveness.

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Sales Coaching for Sales Directors and Teams

Nearly a decade now, many successful organizations have invested a lot of resources in sales coaching. Why not? Because they understand the difference that coaching can make in their business. Our Sales Coaching Program provides sales directors and leaders with world-class coach training to drive sales results.

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Executive Coaching | Developing Self-Awareness, Confidence, and Focus

Our Executive Coaching™ service as a comprehensive support system for senior executives to lead with clarity, and confidence to drive strategic change. The Program has helped many of our clients deliver unprecedented results.

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Amplify Business Coaching Program

Amplify business coaching Program is a comprehensive support system for growth-focused entrepreneurs to grow faster, increase revenue, and amplify results in every area of business and personal life.

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