Leading High Performance Teams Workshop

Leading high-performance teams workshop, team leadership, developing high performance teams

Leading High Performance Teams Workshop

The Leading High-Performance Teams workshop empowers teams to overcome the dysfunctions that often impede performance.


An organization’s long-term competitiveness ties directly to the quality of high-performing talents it has. To function effectively, businesses need to create vibrant environments that support teamworking. Collaborations across cultures, functions, and geographies need to be unhindered to enhance team effectiveness and achievement of goals. 

Leading High-Performance Teams™ Workshop offers the skills and tools to eliminate team dysfunctions. Participants will learn the key obstacles that hinder high-performance in organizations. They will also learn and apply a proven step-by-step approach to overcome the obstacles.

For teams to function effectively, businesses need to create vibrant environments that support teamworking.

Leading high-performance teams Workshop covers...

The leading high-performance teams workshop will cover among others…

Team Performance Equation

  • The dynamics of effective teams
  • Evaluation of team leadership and communication styles
  • Impact of team coaching and application of the GROW model

Team Leadership

  • Creating a healthy team environments
  • Exploring team vulnerability
  • Delegation and motivation to act

Team Effectiveness

  • Overcoming team dysfunctions
  • Embracing diversity and cultural differences
  • Managing team conflicts

Leading high-performance teams Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

The Leading High-Performance Teams workshop is designed to help team leaders…

  • Set clear goals and communicate key objectives effectively.
  • Understand the impact of coaching and application of GROW model to enhance performance.
  • Develop clarity about the factors that motivate teams and increase team morals
  • Develop the capacity to effectively manage conflicts in team environments.

At the end of the leading high-performance teams workshop, participants will have acquired the skill and confidence to lead, inspire, and influence teams to take more actions, and consistently deliver more results.

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