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Sales Coaching for Sales Directors and Teams

We created Sales Coaching for sales directors and teams to get to the heart of generating high-ticket accounts and overcoming the obstacles inherent in closing the accounts.


Supposing your sales team performs 19% better month after month? For many organizations, that is a normal occurrence.

For more than a decade, many successful organizations have invested a lot of resources in sales coaching. Why not? Because they understand the difference that coaching can make to their sales teams and the bottom line also.

Investment in coaching yields higher returns than many other productive investments. As a result, salespeople who receive quality sales coaching and support from experienced coaches perform better by 19% over a long-term.

The CGC Sales Coaching Programs are designed to coach sales directors to improve sales quota month after month. Also, the program develops sales managers and leaders with the skills and competence to coach and influence sales representatives within the organization to maximize selling potential.

Statistics show that salespeople who receive quality sales coaching and support from experienced sales coaches perform better by 19% over a long-term.

Sales Coaching Objectives


Our Sales Coaching Programs offer competencies that sales executives and leaders need to excel in their roles. As a result of our Sales Coaching program, participants will be able to…


  • Adapt their sales coaching styles to meet the individual needs of their sales team.
  • Engage more with sales team members through effective communication, active listening, and unbiased constructive feedback.
  • Collaborate with sales team to set SMART sales targets and develop an action plan towards achieving the targets.
  • Develop agility to coach both formally and informally as the situations arise.
  • Provide on-going support for the sales team to overcome performance obstacles, accelerate results, and grow.

Our Approach to Sales Coaching for Directors and Teams

Our Sales Coaching Program provides sales directors and leaders with world-class coach training to drive sales results.

During the workshop, participants will receive feedback on their current sales-coaching skill. Also, they will learn the tools and techniques to capitalize on their coaching strengths, while minimizing their fears and other limitations.

The Sales Coaching delivery process is dynamic. First of all, it can be tailored to help your sales team overcome the sales and marketing challenges they are facing presently. It could also be deployed as an innovative tool to take advantage of market opportunities that you have not considered previously.

All our coaching programs come with three months post-workshop support. During the three months coaching support period, participants in the sales coaching program can engage with our coaching team for support to improve their sales coaching skills and effectiveness.

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