Strategic Leadership and Business Execution Workshop

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Lee Tilbury
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Organizations cannot solve their problems using the same kind of thinking they used in creating them. Strategic Leadership and Business Execution Workshop helps leaders to think differently, challenge the status quo, and transform organizations. 

In every organization, strategy creates a structure that supports bigger and better achievement. To solve business problems and make progress, leaders need to see their world differently with fresh insights and vision. The strategic leadership and business execution involve developing a clearer vision that transforms organizations from one growth stage into another.

Although the role of strategic leadership influences high performance and productivity, it often focuses on reinvention rather than survival. Strategic leaders see their worlds from different long-term perspectives. They envision the future and take advantage of what they see to create bigger possibilities for the organization. Once the future is envisioned, they coach, motivate, and inspire teams to translate them into sustainable success.

This workshop is designed for leaders to develop strategic thinking capability. Participants will develop the ability to analyze the future and improve their decision-making skill. They will also learn how to Interpret, Anticipate, and Decide on appropriate decisions and actions to create multiple organizational transformations.

The Ability to Interpret
The Ability to Anticipate
The Ability to Decide

The Program module covers…

The workshop module will cover the following core areas among others…

  • Leadership and Strategy: Understanding leadership and strategy and how leaders influence strategy to create results. Also, the role of strategy in market differentiation, and in supporting organizational mission, vision, and core values.
  • Strategic Thinking: Discovering the key elements that help strategic leaders to think strategically. Having a vision, seeing the bigger picture, and identifying innovative ways of overcoming challenges and increasing value.
  • Disciplined Business Execution: Understanding how strategic leaders translate strategy into actions and results. Discover the factors impacting on business execution and becoming intentional about creating superior results consistently, through disciplined execution.

Strategic Leadership and Business Execution Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

This workshop examines the key characteristics of strategic leadership and business execution. It also reviews the part that strategy and disciplined execution play in business growth.

Participants will discover the purpose of strategic leadership. They will learn the key elements of strategic leadership, business execution, and the demand each makes on strategic leaders.

Some of the key expectations from the strategic leadership and business execution workshop include to…

  • Identify opportunities and formulate strategies that will impact positively on long-term results, while meeting shorter-term expectations.
  • Develop strategic insight and business execution skills to meet compelling priorities in areas of business responsibilities.
  • Formulate innovative plans and implement a coherent disciplined execution strategy to achieve the business objectives.
  • Engage teams in business execution plans to create strategic effectiveness and improve productivity.

The Strategic Leadership and Business Execution Approach

Our Strategic Leadership and Business Execution workshop are 100% customizable to meet our clients’ business needs. The Program is highly interactive, experiential, and “Edutaining.” Participants at the strategic leadership and business execution workshop will learn how to develop strategic thinking skill among others.

A typical Workshop day will take the following approach…

  • Consideration of case studies
  • Participation in strategic leadership assessment and self-inquiry exercises.
  • Discussion and break out group discussion.
  • Use of practical strategic leadership and business execution tools and resources.

We offer 30 days of free post-training support consultation service to our participating clients. The post-support consultation is available by telephone or email only. The goal is to enhance the clients’ effectiveness in applying the strategic leadership and business execution tools, concepts, and skills in their everyday work.

Our facilitators have in-depth experience that offers unique perspectives to the program execution. Participants receive personalized attention and feedback throughout the Workshop Program. In the end, participants walk away with an integrated set of skills to help them become more strategic leaders.

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