Strategic Planning Retreat and Advisory Service

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The CGC Strategic Planning Retreat and Advisory Service comprehensively supports organizations in creating and executing strategies that address their business needs.

Many businesses operate on a set of outdated, inappropriate, and non-existent strategies. The myth that developing a strategy is not ideal for small businesses also limits small business growth. Regardless of size, well-formulated strategies align businesses and people to a common goal – growth!

The CGC Strategic Planning Retreat and Advisory service support companies to formulate strategies that address their immediate business needs. The service focuses on plans that have far-reaching effects on the competitiveness of the business.

Strategic Planning and Advisory Retreat

Develop a Sense of Direction
Create Improved Operational Efficiency
Create a Proactive Business Organization
Enable Purposeful Decision-Making
Keep Risk and Uncertainty in Check
Align People with a Single Unique Purpose

Our Strategic Planning Retreat Approach

Our strategic planning retreat and advisory service support business leaders to rethink their organization’s future. During the strategic planning sessions, we support leaders to challenge their status quo, regain focus, and recalibrate their business economic engines.

Both big and small businesses benefit from our innovative strategic planning process. For example, our tools support businesses in early life cycle stage, maturity, and disruption phases. Whether you are formulating strategies from the scratch or recalibrating existing ones, our strategic planning retreat and advisory service can support you.

We are proactive in our strategic planning retreat approach. We engage to understand clients’ challenges and success factors two or three weeks prior to the strategic planning retreat.

Our assessment gives us insights about our clients’ dominant thought patterns, and the assumptions they make about:

  • Where their organization is headed presently
  • The organization’s main suppliers and competitors.
  • The level of risks and opportunities in the organization’s external environment, and
  • The organization’s present resources and capabilities.

Also, we learn the experience that customers have about your organization, and what might increase their loyalty. With this information and more, we are able to facilitate an effective, interactive, and innovative strategic planning retreat that addresses the clients’ needs.

Strategic Planning and Advisory Retreat Objectives and Outcomes

The thrust of our strategic planning and advisory service is to help our clients create and sustain competitive advantage. Our experience is that the most effective strategies are not complicated, as a result, we simplify the strategic planning process. We engage clients to debate constructively and create strategic documents that capture the ideal aspirations they have for the future.

We assess the clients’ current resources, capabilities, and core competencies to ensure they are adequate for the future they seek. We also help define the organization’s direction and realign their goals to where they want the business to be.

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Our strategic planning retreat and advisory service offer clarity about what success means to our clients. First of all, we clarify the outcomes our clients want. Then, we collaborate with the clients to figure out how to achieve the outcomes and by when.

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