Strategic Thinking Workshop for Business Leaders

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Lee Tilbury
Creative Director, Bluemarks Creative Studio, Cambridge, UK.

Our Strategic Thinking workshop prepares leaders with the skill and competence to shape organization’s future by adapting to changes more quickly.

Strategic thinkers anticipate, prepare, and position their organizations to exploit future possibilities. They envision the future and maintain an intrinsic awareness of emerging trends that might impact their organizations.

Our Strategic Thinking Workshop is designed to develop leaders who shape organizations’ future by adapting more quickly to market changes. This workshop offers the tools and concepts that leaders need to think more strategically. The workshop helps participants to strike a balance between meeting today’s business expectations and accessing tomorrow’s opportunities.

Leaders who participate in this workshop develop agility to respond to challenges and opportunities. They think long-term and create more sustainably results.

This workshop will enable participants to…

  • Deliver superior results that meet organization’s expectations today, and,
  • Constantly assess the opportunities and threats that might impact business performances and results tomorrow.

At the strategic thinking workshop, participants will discover the tools to unlock value and position their business more competitively. They will also learn to create long-term goals and develop robust strategic plans. They will develop the skill to influence teams to make the right changes and transform their areas of responsibilities.

Strategic Thinking Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

The objective of the Strategic Thinking Workshop is to transform participating leaders from traditional to strategic. That means developing leaders with vision and capability to contribute positively to the organization’s strategic objectives.

Our strategic thinking workshop objectives aim to…

  • Develop leaders who are forward-looking, having the capacity to imagine and articulate exciting future opportunities for their organizations.
  • Develop the courage to look back, reflect and enrich their future with the richness of their past experiences.
  • Engage teams to focus on executing the “Right Actions” and maintain a balance between operational pressures and long-term initiatives.
  • Be strategically relevant, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and contribute to the organizations’ economic value.

Our Workshop Approach

90% of the time, strategic thinking courses focus on developing five-year plans. While that is okay, it is not the focus of our CGC Strategic Thinking Workshop.

CGC Strategic Thinking Workshop is highly interactive, engaging, and experiential. We inculcate situational cases which participants work on in groups to create possible strategic directions.

Each participant gets a chance to practice strategic thinking using our standard strategic thinking tools and framework. At the end of the workshop, participants walk away having created a blueprint of own strategic initiative and execution plan.