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“Teach2Coach Coach Training program teaches line managers how to coach subordinates to maximize full potential and results.” – Nkem Mpamah

Why do some managers deliver bigger and better results than their counterparts? What could be responsible for a breakdown in performance even after all the necessary tools and resources have been provided?


Contrary to some opinions, breakdowns in performance are not always as a result of a lack of skill or experience. Instead, a breakdown in performance occurs when there is a disconnect between employees and their natural potential.

According to a study, the issues associated with lack of performance stem from the inability of managers to coach subordinates. To succeed in the 21st-century workplace, managers need to develop the capacity to support subordinates accelerate performance.

Teach2Coach Coach Training Program empowers managers with the capacity to coach effectively and succeed in the workplace. The Teach2Coach coach training module incorporates the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core coaching competencies to enhance participants’ coaching effectiveness.

Teach2Coach™ Coach Training Objectives and outcomes

The Teach2Coach Coach Training Program is designed to teach line managers how to coach in the workplace. The Program is highly interactive and experiential. The Program transforms managers from “telling employees what to do” into “coaching them to become the best in their roles.”

A typical Teach2Coach training day begins with the introduction of the principles of corporate coaching. From the start, participants get the opportunity to coach their peers and receive constructive feedback from our experienced coach trainer. It’s fun but can be scary only at the beginning.

With the Teach2Coach coach training program, participants are able to lead with empathy. They learn to improve self-awareness and perceptions of the people around them, and the environments they operate in.

Teach2Coach™ participants will also be able to:

  • Coach subordinates to set goals, develop accountability, and take actions consistently to achieve goals.
  • Improve leadership skills by developing active listening and effective communication skills.
  • Understand the application of advanced GROW model in everyday work.
  • Coach and receive constructive feedback from our experienced Teach2Coach™ coach training facilitator. 

At the end of the three days Teach2Coach training program, participants will leave the skill and confidence to coach their teams. 

Teach2Coach™ Coach Training Approach

A typical Teach2Coach™ training day begins with the introduction of the principles of corporate coaching. At this stage, our participants get the opportunity to coach one another and receive immediate feedback. It’s fun and scary sometimes.

The coach training lasts for 3 days. In that duration, participants will learn and practice goal setting, developing clarity around goals, and commitment to achieve goals. They will also learn advanced questioning techniques, active listening, accountability partnership, and the act of giving constructive feedback.

Teach2Coach Coach training Program offers participants the opportunity to participate in a series of practical coaching sessions. Each session will be conducted on Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model to hone participants’ skill, ability, and confidence to coach.

Our experienced Teach2Coach lead facilitator, who is also an accredited performance coach of The Coaching Academy London will work with the participants to provide constructive and unbiased feedback to the participants throughout the coach training program.

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