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Improving Engagement and Job Ownership at BUA Sugar RefineryConsumer Products

BUA Sugar refinery has 2 ultra-modern and automated mega sugar refineries utilizing state-of-art equipment to refine high-quality sugar products for consumption and industrial uses.

BUA Sugar Refinery is the only sugar refiner to have refining capabilities outside Lagos, Nigeria. With a production capacity of 2,000 melt metric tons or 40,000 50 Kg bags of sugar per day, BUA Sugar refinery maintains an industry record of high product safety standards and plant hygiene for its numerous customers.


The company faced intense competition, which is needed to improve the level of its internal engagement to cope with. It also identified lack of job ownership and improvement in performance as areas that needed to improve drastically.

To accomplish the above challenge, the Cognition Global Concepts Teach2Coach Coach Training intervention was deployed. The objective was for BUA Sugar Refinery leaders to become able to coach their teams to maximize potential.

Throughout the training workshop, the leaders learned the skill for effectively coaching their staff. The ICF coaching core competencies were deployed in addition to Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model to enhance the flow of coaching conversations. The leaders also benefited from three months of post-implementation support, which is a key feature of the Teach2Coach Program to help the leaders’ transit effectively from managing to coaching.

Post implementation, the BUA Sugar Refinery leaders who participated in the Teach2Coach Coach Training Program became able to apply coaching in their leadership toolkit.

  • Improved engagement

The leader’s level of engagement with their teams and subordinates improved. By listening actively and providing constructive feedback, the leaders also improved in their ability to communicate effectively.

  • Improved level of job ownership

As a result, the employees are now taking more ownership of their roles, which in turn improves the company’s performance overall.

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