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Cambridge Leadership Academy specializes in leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal and professional development. The company attracts students from within the United Kingdom and across the globe to attend its leadership programs, seminars, conferences, and workshops in Cambridge.

Cambridge Leadership Academy is committed  to empowering and equipping youths and young adults regardless of their background with the keys, practical skills, and resources they need to maximise full potential, achieve ‘real’ success, and become exceptional 21st century leaders.

Our Cambridge Leadership Academy Programmes (CLAP) are unique not just because of its’ excellent curriculum, but because of the way it’s delivered by leading experts, high profile leaders, and celebrities.

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The leadership of the company was a dire need for clear direction for the business. Having lots of conflicting and overwhelming ideas about what success looks for the business, they needed tools and support to articulate each idea into a meaningful concept that could turn into reality. 

Cognition Global Concepts deployed a combination of interventions including strategic leadership framework, business coaching, and strategic advice to address the issues. The intervention lasted several weeks in face-to-face personalized coaching and strategic advisory sessions.

During the intervention period, clarity was gained, and goals were set. Strategies for achieving the goals were developed and motivation was created for executing the strategies towards achieving the goals.

By the end of the intervention period, two things had happened naturally…

Post implementation, the Cambridge Leadership Academy’s management team developed a crystal clear vision of where they want the business to be. New service products were developed and launched in the market, and the firm was back on the track to success.

  • Vivid clarity

The management team had gained vivid clarity about where they want the business to be over the next three years.

  • New service products were developed and launched

With vivid clarity about where the business was headed, it was easy to weave through all the ideas to create and launch a new program for the business. The team was enthusiastic about their progress and excited about getting on the track to succeed

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